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My name is Tom Shahar

Thanks for stopping by – i’m glad you have some time to check out my personal blog.

The main idea behind this site is to interduce myself to potential job opportunities and to provide further insights about my work.

I will share ideas and capabilities that I have required over the past 5+ years.

Please feel free to contact me for further questions or inquiries about me or my skills that may be interesting or required by you.

I am always on the lookout for new adventures and opportunities and open to hear inputs or ideas from you

My overall goal is to improve my work and to keep on providing the best services I can with my humble knowledge

Join me for the ride, opportunities are endless, my moto and way of life is to try to learn a new thing every single day and get better.

Brands that I have designed and developed:



What is my story?

My journey started when an interesting idea for selling a great and unique product via an ecommerce store was presented by a colleague in early 2017.

A bit before that I had started my first Tumblr And G-Sites (so cool!) so I thought that I knew what I was getting into (but I was wrong!)

This one-of-a-kind product (at least by my eyes) had to be sold in a limited time frame, so it was very essential to learn all that I possibly could and at the shortest time to make this all happen.

After studying the subject and trying to find the best possible platform that would work for me, I have decided to start my first webshop using WordPress cms & Woocommerce + some useful themes and plugins.

At that time I had no real experience with web development so I had my work cut out for me. After some time I had started getting to know the main ideas about wordpress and woocommerce alongside many other plugins and themes.
I am self trained and feel at home with WordPress web development these days, but back then – things were kind of difficult.

Time to learn WordPress – 
Shortly after, I started learning WP and went deep! – I tried out themes and plugins and mostly began feeling at home with my CMS of choice.

So after mastering and learning on the go – I have managed to finish my first WordPress website.

Website number 1 was done and I have managed to outperform my initial estimates and successfully introduce a new product to the world, this made me excited.

After some time – I had managed to reach my goals and I was very pleased with the outcome(s).

After finishing designing my first website , it was time for the real challenge – to get some traffic and sales.
this is what I have accomplished later on: SEO (at a high level – I have studied SEO for a very long time) Self Hosting with AWS & GCP , site analytics , Email campaigns, PPC – Google, FB etc’ and many more.

The SEO learning Process:
First I started Optimizing my site with on page tools such as Yoast seo.
I started to understand how my on-page optimizations were impacting my search visability and rankings.

Further steps for my site included optimizing products and setting up a nicely “all green” on page and product using focus keywords, descriptions, meta H1, H2 and many more.  

After finishing my first website I started to venture into additional projects that keep me busy.

after taking the basic steps with SEO – I knew the opportunity was there – so I decided to try to learn everything I could about it.

On – Page SEO, Off – Page SEO,
Technical SEO , Local SEO –
If you can name it – I have done it! 

Over the years I have gathered extensive experience in many fields of interest, please checkout the list below.

WordPress – The best platform I know, it’s no surprise that 92%+ of the sites on the web use WP. 

SEO is a huge part of my early understanding about ranking my websites and getting traffic to get sales the organic way

SEO tools:
Google SEO tools I use:
– Lighthouse
– Analytics
– page speed insights
– structured data testing
– Ads(keyword planner) 
– google trends,
– incognito mode
– browser search
– CWV(chrome devtools, inspector)
– google stories and manual code review.

Google Search Console + Google Analytics – Monitoring and controlling the traffic and receiving useful information – is one of the most important skills to acquire.

Other very important SEO tools I work with:
– Ahrefs
– SEMrush
– screaming frog
– scrapbox
– Kwfinder
-Keywords everywhere
– and more

This website Tom Shahar and more were built with:

Elementor & Elementor Pro – Are by far the best page builders I’m using at the moment for WP
RankMath and Yoast SEO plugins, Monitored with GSC, AN + more

I have experience working with Google and Facebook ads are important to get thoose visitors to sites quickly.

Google products are extremely necessary for ranking and appearance.
Check out some of my skills list:


Dev 100%
Products 100%
Page Builder 100%
More options 100%
Google tools 100%
Google tools 100%
Search Engine Optimization 100%
onpage / offpage
SEO 100%
technical / local
SEO 100%
Backend 100%
mysql & phpmyadmin
Backend 100%
Cloud 80%
email campaigns & autoresponder
Advanced Marketing 100%
Identify and learn 100%
google news & publisher
Advanced SEO 100%
simple site: & incognito mode
Simple but effective 100%
team player
Yup! 100%
WordPress site optimizer
I have done it 100%
Cool WP theme 100%
Theme and page builder 100%
Responsive Design
For ever! 100%
Track it 100%
A must 100%
Show them ads 100%
For sure 100%
yes 100%
facebook/instagram/twitter ppc
Done it 100%
rich snippets / schema
Love them 🙂 100%
3rd party api/scripts integration
ok 100%
Yoast seo & rankmath
Haha 100%
google lighthouse & inspector
Absolutely essential 100%
technical seo site audits
yes, yes, yes 100%
problem solving junkie
2+2=? 100%
google discover
I have been there 100%
google site-kit
I have done that 100%
google merchant
Sell it 100%
I know! 100%



Some of the projects I am working on (there are more)

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